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About me.


My family and I live in lovely rural NSW, Australia. I originally came out here in January 1990 and apart from a brief stint overseas and interstate, I’ve been here ever since.


I am the parent of two terrific young men.


I am a writer and a professional educator working in a small independent K-12 school.


I graduated from Teachers College in 1984 and today (some thirty years later) I am passionate about young Australians being provided with the best learning opportunities, regardless of the education sector or community in which they are involved.


Originally a Primary teacher I eventually found myself teaching English in secondary schools. I have worked as a teacher in Australia, Kathmandu, London and Singapore. My teaching experience extends from Kindergarten to adult education. Currently I am Head of Humanities and lead a team of committed and innovative teachers who go to work each day seeking to make a difference to the young people in our care.


I have always been a keen writer and some of my earliest memories are of reading and writing.  On my 16th birthday a dear friend gave me a special ‘denim-look’ notebook (well, it was the 70’s!) because I apparently talked a lot about the book I was going to write one day! The gift is still treasured as a reminder of the indispensable love and encouragement that is a hallmark of good friendships.


It is my hope that you will enjoy reading the posts and comments during 2015!


Kathmandu NEPAL, 1988

Kathmandu NEPAL, 1988



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