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Worth a spot on the bedside table….

The fact that I have already managed to read a book this year is, for me, pretty exciting and hopefully is an indication that my reading habits may improve in 2018.

I was keen to read Turtles All The Way Down after seeing it in stores, reading other reviews and finally, when it was selected by one of our students for an end of year academic prize.

It didn’t disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed John Green’s exploration of teen issues, especially the issue of mental health. In fact, as someone who works closely with young people, I feel this text gave me an appreciation and fresh insight into the mental health issues faced by our children in the 21st century.

I always enjoy a decent mystery and though the mysterious disappearance of Mr Pickett isn’t focussed on in quite the same way as a dedicated mystery novel, it was well structured and weaved its way effectively through the narrative.

The best compliment a reader can pay a writer is when they willingly exchange their free time to read what has been written….cover to cover. Thanks Mr Green, it was a privilege to sit and read your book!

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