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A good read…

Burial RitesBurial Rites by Hannah Kent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I initially started reading Burial Rites when our school librarian handed me a recently purchased copy. As usually happens I surrendered my reading time to other tasks, the book started collecting dust and eventually guilt set in and I handed it back with the recommendation that she just put it into the library and let someone else read it while it was still ‘new’! After examining research on the impact of audi books on literacy levels in students and the hearing first hand the experiences of colleagues who are prolific ‘readers’ of audio books, I downloaded Burial Rites using my Audible account. I was not prepared for the amazing experience it would be to listen to this narrative. I especially appreciated having the unfamiliar Icelandic names read accurately by narrator Morven Christie. Her wonderful pronunciations confirmed my suspicion that I had been massacring the names in my original attempt to read the story with an Aussie accent! It took me awhile to adjust to listening without drifting off and day dreaming but somewhere along the way I became an avid listener. As the end of the narrative approached I realised how connected I felt to the characters. Knowing the history behind the story I knew it wouldn’t end well for the main character and at one point towards the end I chose to stop listening in order to delay the inevitable silencing of Agne’s voice. It is my intention to borrow the print version from the library and read this novel again in order to experience the rich descriptive language in a different way.

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