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Happy Mother’s Day 2015!

Occasionally I have moments of brilliance. Even less occasionally I have inspired moments. Yesterday’s suggestion to son #2 that we have an ‘early Mother’s Day Lunch’ together was clearly one of those inspired moments. (I can’t quite bring myself to say prophetic moments but it has that feel about it!)

Lunch itself was passable. I’ve had superior vegie burgers elsewhere but lunch was courtesy of a Christmas Gift Voucher, so I’ll chalk this one up to experience and visit a different cafe when it’s me paying! The best part of the EMD lunch was playing chess with the kid, something we’ve started to do this year which is proving to be a nice distraction from all the technology in our lives. (Except that at cafe we played chess on my iPhone.)

After lunch I grabbed mulch for the gardenias and petrol for the mower. This was my first mistake. Second mistake was being enthusiastic about getting out to do the mowing myself when I have a sixteen year old. In my haste to dress appropriately I lost my balance and fell. The rest of the story may be gleaned from the visual supplied!

Mother’s Day will extend  for a few more weeks this year. After all, it’s hard to do household chores on crutches. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s almost time for my real Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. 

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