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Hello 2015!

Well, I may be a few days late but as they say, “Better late than Never”. I recently spent time with some excellent friends who encouraged me to stop procrastinating and start writing. So, this blog is both a response to their encouragement and an experiment. New Years exude that wonderful aroma of promise…that things will be better, that people will be nicer, that the tyranny of the urgent will not engulf us quite as much this year as it may have done in the past. They also bring change and for our family, 2015 is significant – one kid is about to fly out of the nest and start his tertiary education, the other is starting senior school and basking (with a huge grin on his face) in the light he sees brightly shining from the end of that proverbial tunnel. All of these changes make this mum both nostalgic and proud! So hello 2015! May you be filled with love and laughs and deep joy.

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